About Davis Tool

Davis Tool, Inc. is a manufacturing company that supports the high tech, medical, consumer products, and aerospace industries. Our manufacturing facilities are located in the pacific northwest in Hillsboro, Oregon. Our contract manufacturing services produce individual parts as well as assemblies with thousands of components. Our round the clock production schedule insures that our customers get their parts in the shortest time possible. Davis Tool can be with you every step of the way, from prototype concepts all the way through production.

Davis Tool leverages technology to provide services that few other companies can provide.

- CNC Machining up to 80"

- High speed machining on hard and soft metals

- Electronic interface with our customers, including real time visibility of your parts in production.

- MRP system to manage product flow, scheduling, and planning.

- Over 50 machines for manufacturing, 37 are CNC controlled.

Our History


Davis Tool, Incorporated was founded in 1980 by Ron and Diane Davis to provide machining and tooling to the high-tech industry. At its inception, Davis Tool was housed in a 2,000 square foot building and had 2 employees.


Since that time Davis Tool has grown to occupy over 210,000 square feet of space and employs over 140 manufacturing professionals. Today Davis Tool provides a wide range of custom manufacturing services to several industries.


Davis Tool is focused on providing complete manufacturing solutions for our customers. Davis Tool's strategy is to continually add processes and services which complement our core machining and sheet metal capabilities.

The added services increase quality, reduce lead times, and simplify the buying process for our customers. We're more than just machining, sheet metal. We're your complete custom manufacturing solution.