Custom Product Design

We can design it to be built! A good part of the success of Davis Tool's design group is the ability to look at the vast array of construction methods and pick the ones that best suit the requirements of the project.

Davis Tool invests in the finest software and top of the line powerful computer systems to speed designs from single parts to assemblies including thousands of parts to market. A competitive hourly rate is not the only way to get a design to market cost effectively. Quality software and computers increase productivity and allow us to get the job done faster.

Marketable Product Design

The knowledgeable design team at Davis Tool not only possesses the background to design complex assemblies but have the artistic talent needed to make those assemblies aesthetic, ergonomic, and marketable.

Diverse Design Skills

Our design staff is continuously improving their capabilities. Our large customer base means we have a very diverse set of skills. In the morning we could be developing a steering console for a 450' long double ended ferry and, by that afternoon, switch to a Lithium-Ion battery charger used in headset language converters in Disneyland. We enjoy our work and that shows in the quality of the projects we deliver.