Tool Shop

The tool shop at Davis Tool makes a wide variety of products for both internal and external customers. We build punch press dies, milling fixtures, forming fixtures, vacuum form fixtures, wax assembly fixtures, and aircraft assembly fixtures. Davis Tool's tool shop also specializes in producing parts with tight tolerances. CNC Sinker and wire EDM, CNC ID/OD GRIND, CNC Machining, and Lapping are all used as needed.


This basic machine supports other areas of Davis Tool manufacturing to provide quality results when sizing holes for bushings, mating close-tolerance cylinders and other such precise processes. We also take care to maintain part temperatures by operating our hones in a climate-controlled environment.

Tool Grinding

With our own 7-axis tool and cutter grinder, we can fabricate our own machine tools and sharpen old tools to reduce wasted time and materials. This ability makes our work more efficient and saves you money.